We build and construct what you need

Our building and construction services

  • assembly, installation or erection of pre-fabricated houses


  • block laying


  • bricklaying

  • cable laying


  • concreting (including formwork, pouring and finishing)

  • construction management

  • dredging

  • earthworks

  • electrical machinery, heavy, installation (on-site assembly

  • erection of frames

  • erection of scaffolding

  • fencing


  • finishing


  • flood control system construction


  • flooring (for example, tiling, laying carpet, laying linoleum, timber flooring, floating floors, resilient flooring, slate tiles,

  • and similar flooring)


  • foundation work



  • hanging or installing doors


  • installation of fittings


  • installation of pre-fabricated components (for example, kitchens, bathroom components, laundry components,

       cupboards and similar components)


  • installation of pre-fabricated temperature controlled structures


  • installation of septic tanks


  • installation of tanks


  • installation of window frames


  • installation of windows


  • insulation work (walls, roofs, windows and similar structures)


  • irrigation system construction


  • land clearing


  • levelling site


  • pipeline construction


  • plastering (or other wall and ceiling construction)


  • preparation of site


  • project management


  • rendering (or other internal or external surface finishes)


  • retaining wall construction


  • roofing and guttering


  • sewage or stormwater drainage system construction


  • stonework


  • surveying

  • tiling (walls and similar structures)